Banned Lamps - September 2021

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From 1st September 2021 the following lamps will be banned:

Halogen MR11, MR16 and AR111 (Eco)
Halogen R7S > 2700lm (160W+)
T2 and T12 Fluorescent Tubes

The ban itself relates to the importation and manufacture of these products, it is still legal to sell and install these lamps. Once all existing stocks are depleted, these lamps will no longer be available. 

Product Recall Notice

Product recall 2020
Fusion Lamps Product Ref: EDLED/G12CW

Despite rigorous quality control procedures, Fusion Lamps has identified a potential safety issue which affects a limited number of part code EDLED/G12CW (19W LED G12 Single Ended 4000K). The issue is that potentially this product could have electrical current leakage at the solder points on the lamp resulting in these points becoming live. Fusion Lamps place great value on the quality of their products and want to avoid any potential risks. Therefore they have decided to recall the potentially affected lamps from the market and offer a similar replacement product instead. Please note that only the product detailed in this notice is at risk, all other Fusion Lamps are unaffected.

Customers that have purchased this product from 06/03/18 to date, if you could kindly return the product to store for a credit. Alternatively we can arrange a collection if this is more convenient, once received we can then credit you. If a replacement product is required, a new product will be available late March 2020, part code FHIDG12 (8W LED G12 Single Ended 4000K). Please note that when removing these lamps the power MUST be switched off, this should be common practice but due to the potential issue this is essential.

We thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Banned Lamps - September 2018

Fusion lamp ban news
Please REMEMBER! Halogen candles, golfballs and GLS lamps are banned from September 2018. However, it is still legal to purchase and install these lamps. The ban only applies to importation and manufacture within Europe.

Fusion Launch Essential Range

Fusion essential range group
Fusion Lamps are proud to announce the launch of the Essential Range! The Essential Range has been introduced to provide customers with more choice and variety when finding the right lamp to meet their requirements. The range currently includes LED candles, golfballs and GLS lamps but will only ever expand moving forwards.