The Pursuit of Excellence

Fusion Lamps have been established now for over 20 years and have become a trusted and reliable source for one of the most extensive ranges of lamps available in the UK.

With over 2000 product lines from stock, Fusion Lamps have been consistently one of the front runners in providing innovative, cost saving and maintenance saving solutions for its wide customer base. This includes its vast choice of LED options.

In this exciting new edition, Fusion Lamps covers every area of LED lamp replacements, whether domestic, commercial or industrial application. In a very overcrowded supplier market place with much confusion and vast choice, within this edition Fusion Lamps tries to provide the end user a clear understanding of energy saving against existing application, showing clear cost savings.

Technical Support

Fusion Lamps are proud to offer over 20 years’ experience in technical support from our internal sales team.

This technical support is also backed up by dedicated Business Development Managers who specialise in lamp solutions.

Customer Service

Fusion Lamps has a dedicated department open from 8.00am to 5.30pm, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

All staff are continuously trained to offer the highest quality service which we have become renowned for over the last 20 years. Our customers can be confident in our continued support.


With over 2000 product lines available in stock, our experienced despatch team enable products to be delivered at a rapid pace!

Environmentally friendly

With ever increasing energy costs and associated environmental issues, it has never been more important to consider energy efficient lamp sources.

The Fusion range of LED lamps have the benefit of extended lamp life, together with low running costs and reduced maintenance, resulting in energy savings up to 90% when compared to inefficient counterparts.

These savings are clearly stated along with the technical specification of each lamp. By simply retrofitting Fusion LED lamps, you can reduce your lighting costs and together, we can help to protect the environment.

Energy Calculator

Use our energy calculator to work out the savings from switching lamps. You can also find out the CO² reduction.


Have you changed to LED?

  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 90% energy saving
  • Long lamp life (30,000hrs) can last up to x30 times longer than incandescent lamps
  • 3 Year credible guarantee on most products
  • Low surface temperature
  • No UV output
  • Robust product
  • Instant start, no warm-up period
  • Operating temperature -20˚C to +50˚C (ideal for cold environments)
  • Environmentally friendly

As more traditional lamps are banned under the EU legislation, the conventional means of judging light output by wattage will be replaced by lumens. A lumen is an amount of light emitted by a source.

How much will LEDs save?

LED lamps can save up to 90% in energy consumption, plus maintenance and replacement lamp costs.

What are the different colour types?

The colour of lamps is measured on a temperature scale in Kelvins. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler the colour.

The lower the Kelvin, the warmer the colour - i.e. 3000k incandescent is warm/orange in colour.

Find out more about colour types and more in the Lamp School.





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