Saltrock Outdoor Clothing - Plymouth

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It all started back in the 1980s, when two surf mad brothers travelling the world looking for waves arrived in London. They decided to get straight on a train to the sea, asking the man at the ticket office to "Take us to the nearest place there's surf". Angus and Ross loved the life in Cornwall but soon grew short of funds and decided to put their artistic talents to work. With a printing screen made from scraps they'd begged, borrowed and salvaged and a homemade blackout system from tape, nails and a Salvation Army rug they started printing original, surf-inspired designs on t-shirts and selling them from the back of their Austin Allegro. They named their new brand Saltrock.

Saltrock is a true British success story proving that with imagination, a great team and a strong will to succeed, anything is possible. As part of their refurbishment, Saltrock working with CEF, found Fusion LED lamps installed by Goodwin Electrical, suited their energy saving requirements, fitting 26 lamps to their Plymouth store.

Products used: 15W LED HID Lamps (EDLED/HID15)